IC Design

Building microchips on your purpose

Full SoC implementation service using various input types

ASIC Design Service

Specification Signoff

Customer provides design specification. We perform all design flow to ASIC samples.

RTL Signoff

Customer provides synthesizable RTL code along with design constraints. We perform RTL to GDSII implementation and samples production.

Netlist Signoff

Customer provides verified gate level netlist. We make physical implementation and production.

FPGA application for ASIC development

FPGA Design

ASIC Prototyping

Verification of ASIC/SoC design

FPGA Emulation

Emulation of ASIC/SoC based design

Design Conversion

FPGA to ASIC design conversion

Pure FPGA design

Custom FPGA design on your demand

We provide full spectrum of IP services

IP Service

IP development to create proper elements

IP verification to confirm suitability

IP integration to align conditions

IC Design

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