Management team

Alexander Drozdov, PhD - President, CEO

Alexander has over 20 years of optimizing compiler development experience. He was responsible for optimization of Russian microprosessor Elbrus, contributed to compiler development for Sun Microsystems, to Auto parallelizer development for Mutek (Israel), to porting compilers to SPARC and IPF platforms for Intel. Alexander was a system architect and manager on 4 optimizing projects in Intel compiler lab. He has published about 30 papers on optimizing technologies. Alexander is a Ph.D of Mathematics, Moscow State University.

Sergey Novikov, PhD - Chief Architect

Sergey has over 10 years of optimizing compilers development experience. He played key roles in implementation of the optimizing compiler for Russian microprocessor Elbrus-3M and in porting it to SPARC and IPF platforms. At Intel he was a leader of Cross Component Optimization team, responsible for improving compiler quality, and a leader of El Sobrante Technology compiler support team, responsible for adaptation of Intel compiler (X86), GNU utilities and security demonstration tests. Currently Sergey is focused on creation of Universal Portable Optimizing Technology. Sergey is a MS in radio electronics and cybernetics as well as PhD in program global scheduling, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He has a diverse set of published papers in optimizing technologies.

Pavel Matveev - CTO

Pavel has over 10 years of developer experience with over 6 years in compiler area. He contributed to several projects in application and system programming - development of OS prototype, experimental secure mode compiler, Elbrus binary translation system at Moscow Center of SPARC Technologies and development of binary translation system for Itanium processor at Intel. Pavel has extensive experience in the areas of compilation optimization and parallelization. In his current position Pavel creates unified framework for optimizing compilers construction. Pavel is a MS in Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Moscow State University. Now he works on his PhD thesis in automatic parallelization.