Our main product is Universal Translating Library (UTL). Firstly it contains well-developed tools which took into account all requirements of compiler industry that we know. Secondly using these tools we implemented lots of the most modern and efficient analytical structures needed for compiler building. Finally UTL contains extensive set of implemented algorithms of analyses and optimizations. It includes data- and control- flow analyses both intra- and inter- procedural, various control transformations of loops and acyclic parts, a number of interprocedural optimizations and etc. Some of offered algorithms are not only the most modern but unique. UTL functionality and reliability are permanently improved.

Our next product is Auto-Parallelizer that is addendum to gcc. The addendum is independent from GNU Public License. It is a program separated from gcc that in fact contains additional phases to process gcc intermediate representation of source application (to understand the technology better see the ways of integration with host compilers). The product can be considered as a good example of Universal Translating Library using. In particular it proofs viability and efficiency of the offered technology. Section Auto-Parallelizer describes the product capacity in more details. There you can download alpha-version of the product as well.

Finally based on UTL we offer development of translating systems by customer's specifications. Section Technology describes some aspects of such systems developing. Also we suppose this description bring you belief that such developing is possible on a light timetable.